How To Grow Long Nails My Weekly Nail Care Routine

How To Grow Long Nails My Weekly Nail Care Routine

Hi! This video is the second of the many How To -videos I’m posting withing these few weeks, and is about my nail care routine. This one was also a request. Here I show you how I take care of my nails when I redo my manicures every week. This video also contains all my tips of how to grow long nails. I had made a nail care routine video when I started this channel, but it had changed and I didn’t like the old video anymore so I deleted it. But this video is an updated nail care routine 🙂 Hope you like it and find it helpful!

Oh, and about the yellowness of my nails. They are only a little yellow, the lighting makes them look worse. My nails are also very thick (you saw how many strokes it took for me to file my nails), so the tips can never be what you call “naturally white”. When you wear nail polish all the time they do get a little yellowy, but if you wouldn’t wear a base coat underneath, they would get super yellow. And because I do wear nail polish 24/7 it doesn’t really matter if they are yellowy or not 🙂

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This video is old so bear with me, but the cuticle oil recipes are great! 🙂

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